How to Close a System-Wide Announcement in Canvas

What’s a “system-wide announcement”?

Have you ever logged into Canvas and seen a message appear at the top of your User Dashboard?

Canvas User Dashboard with system-wide announcement outlined in a thick red square.
An example of a system-wide announcement (indicated in red).

This message is a system-wide announcement. It is used to share important information to Canvas users at the University of Pennsylvania, such as:

  • Information on how to request Canvas sites near the start of a new term
  • Maintenance-related outages for tools used in Canvas (e.g., Turnitin)
  • Events and services of interest to Canvas users at the University of Pennsylvania

It can be useful to allow a system-wide announcement to display as a reminder of important information, and they go away automatically when they are no longer relevant. However, if you no longer need to see a system-wide announcement, you have the ability to remove it from your User Dashboard.

How do I remove a system-wide announcement from my User Dashboard?

You can remove a system-wide announcement from your User Dashboard by clicking on the X in its upper-right corner.

Click on the “X” in the upper-right corner of a system-wide announcement to close it.

Important: Please note that once you remove a system-wide announcement, it is permanently deleted from your User Dashboard, so please be certain that you want to remove a system-wide announcement before doing so.


Please email Canvas Support if you have any questions.

Last Updated: 6 Sep 2022