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In Fall 2018, Instructure, the maker of Canvas, released a new quiz tool. New Quizzes will eventually replace the legacy Quizzes tool in Canvas (Summer 2022), but not before a transition period in which both New Quizzes and legacy Quizzes are available concurrently.

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What Distinguishes New Quizzes from the Legacy Quiz Tool?

With New Quizzes there is:

  • A redesigned, more modern interface
  • A variety of new question types, including Ordering, Stimulus, Hot Spot, and an improved Essay question
  • Automatic regrading for numeric questions
  • A built-in calculator, spell checker, and word count
  • More granular student results view options
  • More detailed quiz log information
  • The ability to set accommodations for students for all quizzes/exams in a course at the same time
  • And more!

Is New Quizzes Right for my Course?

The charts below compare the features available for legacy Quizzes and New Quizzes. If you are unsure of which quizzing tool is right for your course, contact your local support provider.


 QuizzesNew Quizzes
Create Practice Quiz✓*
Create Survey 
Customize Question Feedback
Included in Course Copy
Leave/Resume Quiz
Use Canvas Content Selector 
Manage Question Banks/Item Banks
·         Bookmark Banks 
·         Copy/Move Banked Questions
·         Delete Banks
·         Import Banks
·         Randomize Bank Questions
Regrade Questions
Reorder Questions
Respondus LockDown Browser Compatible 
Quiz Preview (Student View)✓^
Open/Public APIs 

* – Practice quizzes can be created in New Quizzes by creating an assignment worth 0 points.

^ – Currently available in Canvas beta environment.

Item & Question Types

 QuizzesNew Quizzes
Fill in the Blank
Fill in Multiple Blanks✓*
File Upload
Hot Spot 
Multiple Answers
Multiple Choice
Multiple Dropdown✓*
Stimulus/Passage ✓^
Text (No Question) 

* – Functionality for this question type is found by using the Fill in the Blank question type.

^ – Passages can be added to an assessment by inserting a stimulus.

# – Canvas Quizzes awards partial credit to students who have answered parts of Multiple Answer questions correctly. In New Quizzes, partial credit is not awarded in Multiple Answer questions.


 QuizzesNew Quizzes
Allow Multiple Attempts (All Students)
Allow Multiple Attempts (Individual Student)
Assign to Individual Student✓*
Assign to Section✓*
Display One Question at Time
Export Quiz Content 
Filter IP Addresses
Hide Student Responses
Import QTI Content
Require Access Code
Require Waiting Period Between Attempts 
Set Availability Dates✓*
Set Time Limit
Show Student Response Options
Shuffle Answers Globally 
Shuffle Answers per Question 
Shuffle Questions Globally 

* – Setting is customized by editing the assignment in Canvas.

Grading & Moderation

 QuizzesNew Quizzes
Add Extra Time (Individual Student)✓*
Add Fudge Points
Grade One Question at a Time (SpeedGrader) 
Manually Submit Attempts 
View Moderation Page
View Quiz Log
View Student Results

* – Adding extra time via the moderation panel will apply to all assessments in a course.


 QuizzesNew Quizzes*
Item Analysis
Quintile Performance 
Student Analysis CSV 
Summary Statistics

* – New Quizzes reports may take up to 24 hours to generate.

How does it Work?

Before you can use New Quizzes, you’ll need to contact and request that it be turned on for your course. Once New Quizzes is enabled, you can create quizzes through the Assignments page by clicking the +Quiz/Test button.


After filling out the assignment details, New Quizzes will open and you can start building the quiz.


Choose from several different question types or search for your past questions in an item bank. Questions are automatically numbered and can be easily reordered.


Are all the Same Features of Legacy Quizzes Available in New Quizzes?

While many of the features of legacy Quizzes are already available in New Quizzes, some—including surveys, text-only questions, partial credit questions, downloadable quiz reports, and compatibility with Respondus LockDown Browser—are at least for now only available in the legacy tool.

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