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Canvas’s New Quizzes offers many benefits for remote exams, including an easy-to-use quiz building tool. New Quizzes will be available in all Penn courses starting in Summer 2022, but it is currently available by request by emailing

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Is New Quizzes Right for my Course?

  • New Quizzes offers:
    • A more intuitive question-writing environment for you and TAs, as well as a friendlier test-taking experience for your students.
    • Simpler procedures for extra-time accommodations. 
    • Onscreen calculator options (basic or scientific) which you can make available to students selectively.
    • Regrading of most automatically graded question types, including numeric questions.
    • Specialized question types including categorization, ordering, and image “hot spots”.
    • Association of adjacent questions with a “stimulus” (a problem description, optionally with figures or graphs).
    • Configurable essay questions, including spell check, rich text formatting, word count/limit, and notes for graders.
    • Selective shuffling of answer options per question, as well as flexible random question selection from item banks.
  • Classic Quizzes is not as easy to use, but it currently provides options that are not yet available in New Quizzes.  This older quiz engine is still supported through December 2022 and is appropriate if you:
    • Need to download a spreadsheet containing student responses.
    • Prefer to bulk-download all student submissions to file-upload questions.
    • Need to allow students to record audio or video in their responses.
    • Link to files as part of the instructions.
    • Need the ability to regrade only multiple-choice or true/false questions.
    • Use Blueprint templates to manage content in multiple Canvas sites and would need to revise quizzes.
    • Rely on Module requirements and prerequisites to ensure students progress through the Modules in a certain order.

If you are unsure of which quizzing tool is right for your course, contact your local support provider.

creating a quiz in new quizzes

Before you can use New Quizzes, you’ll need to contact and request that it be turned on for your course.

Once New Quizzes is enabled, you can create quizzes through the Quizzes page by clicking the +Quiz button and selecting “New Quizzes.”

  1. From the left navigation of your Canvas course, choose Quizzes then click the +Quiz button. You can create a quiz using Classic Quizzes or New Quizzes.  Choose New Quizzes unless you need to bulk download file-upload submissions or download a spreadsheet containing all quiz responses (such as for a survey). These functions are available only in Classic Quizzes.Quiz Engine Selector, select New Quizzes
  2. Click Submit.
  3. On the assignment details page, give the quiz a name, point value, due date, and any availability dates. You’ll set the time limit later in the quiz settings. You can edit the availability and due dates later, if necessary, by reopening the quiz.
  4. Click Build to launch the New Quizzes quiz builder.

TIP: Use availability dates to allow specific students to take the quiz at alternate times. 

Adding Instructions and Questions

  1. From the Build tab, add the quiz instructions and questions.  
  2. Use the “+” icon to add a new question. Add new question
  3. This will display a list of question types. (Question types are explained in the next section.) New Quizzes question types

4. After filling out the assignment details, New Quizzes will open and you can start building the quiz.

Choose from several different question types or search for your past questions in an item bank. Questions are automatically numbered and can be easily reordered.


Question Types

Your quiz can include a mix of automatically and manually graded questions.

Automatically Graded Questions

Manually Graded Questions

TIP: Use a File Upload question to allow students to upload a file, to show their calculations or other work. This works well if the quiz involves a file students must download/print, complete and scan, and submit.

Item Banks

Use Item Banks to pull all questions or a specific number of questions randomly from a pool. This is a good way to add variety to the exam and/or keep similar questions together. 

  1. To create an Item Bank, open any quiz in New Quizzes or create a New Quiz and navigate to the quiz builder page (by clicking Build at the bottom of the page). The click the 3-dot options menu in the top right corner (next to Return). 
  2. Click “Manage Item Banks” >” +Bank.” Give the bank a name and click “Create Bank.” 
  3. To add questions, click on the name of the newly created bank and click “+New.” Click “Done” after creating each question. Your questions will be automatically saved in the Item Bank. Click “Return” to go back to the quiz builder.
  4. To insert banked questions into a quiz, open the quiz and click the “+” icon as if you were going to create a new question. 
  5. Click the piggy bank icon, then click on the name of a specific Item Bank. 
  6. Click the “All/Random” button, then close the item bank by clicking the “X” in the top left corner of the Item Banks tab.
  7. Back in the quiz, click to “Edit” the new question, then under the Question selection options, choose whether to “Use all questions” or “Randomly select questions.” Enter the points per question, and click “Done.”

Note: Questions pulled from the same Item Bank must have the same number of points. 

Item Bank question selection, all or random

Quiz Settings

Open the Settings tab to configure quiz options:

  • Add availability dates so students cannot access the quiz until the start time.
  • Shuffle the order of all questions (Do not use if questions should appear in a certain order or if you have a question about academic integrity as the first question. There is not a way to “lock” a question in place when the question order is shuffled).
  • Shuffle answers to individual questions
  • Show only one question at time
  • Require an access code
  • Set a time limit
  • Allow calculator (basic or scientific)
  • Allow multiple attempts to take the quiz
  • Restrict student result view (hide student responses, correct answers, point value, or feedback)
  • Restrict student result view options

    *Important: To prevent students from seeing their scores or submissions right after they submit the quiz, check the option to “Restrict student result view” and leave all other boxes unchecked. To release scores, open the quiz settings and un-check “Restrict student result view.

    Publishing a Quiz

    Before you publish the quiz, be sure to:

    Viewing and Grading Online Quizzes

    • Use Moderate to view student submissions, add more time or attempts for individual students, and to reopen a completed quiz.
    • Add a score for any manually graded questions in SpeedGrader. (Final quiz scores cannot be directly edited in the Gradebook.)

    Regrading Questions

    You can regrade any automatically graded question, but this should be done only after all students have finished taking the quiz. When you regrade a question for one student, the change will be applied to all students who received that question.

    To regrade a question, open the Gradebook, click the options menu to the right of the quiz name, and select SpeedGrader

    From any student’s submission, navigate to the question you need to regrade and click RegradeSelect Regrade button in New Quizzes

    You can change the correct answer, add another accepted answer (for numeric and multiple answer questions), and/or change the point value.  Click Regrade.

    Select an option for awarding full points.New Quizzes regrading options

    Click Regrade again to save your changes. (You may need to refresh the page to see the change.) A message will appear with each question that you regraded. After regrading, you can also open “Grades” > “Gradebook” > “Gradebook History” to see the before/after comparison of scores.New Quizzes regraded question

    Releasing scores

    When you are ready for students to see their submissions and the correct answers, you should:

    1. Open the quiz, click Build to access the New Quizzes quiz builder, and in the Settings tab, un-check Restrict student result view. This allows students to see their quiz submission. *Note: quiz submissions are only available to students while the course is active. They will not be able to access their quiz submissions once the term has ended.
    2. If using a manual posting policy in the Gradebook, click “Grades” and to the right of the column with the quiz name, click the 3-dot options menu to select “Post Grades” >”Post.” Students will then be notified of their quiz scores.

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