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NameCoach is a recording tool in Canvas that provides faculty and students with a simple and effective solution to identify pronouns, phonetically pronounce names, and hear how others’ names should be pronounced. Once you update your profile, this will apply to all Canvas courses you are enrolled in.

NameCoach is currently being piloted at Penn for a period of two years from Fall 2022 through Summer 2024.

This article is intended for for faculty. Students should review NameCoach for Students.

Accessing NameCoach

To access and enable NameCoach:

  1. Begin by logging into Canvas.
  2. Click on Courses, and choose a specific course.
  3. Once in the course, select NameCoach if it is listed on the course menu. If NameCoach is not listed you can enable it from the Settings area on the course menu:
    • Click on the tab for Navigation.
    • Search for NameCoach under the list of hidden items. Use the options menu to Move NameCoach to the course menu. Alternatively, you can drag and drop NameCoach to the preferred location on the course menu.
    • Remember to Save these changes. NameCoach will now be listed on the course menu.

Recording Your Name

The first time you access NameCoach, you will be prompted to authorize NameCoach to access your account. Once you click Authorize, this will bring you to the NameCoach page for your course.

Screenshot of the Authorize screen for NameCoach. Click Authorize to allow NameCoach to access your Canvas account.

NameCoach uses your email address to provide access to the People area in Canvas and name recordings. No other information is gathered when authorizing, and it is only used to grant access to these recordings.

To record your name, click the Record Name button.

Screenshot of the Record Name button in NameCoach, located the top of the page.

You have the option to enter your pronouns and/or the  phonetic spelling  of your name.

Record your Name using one of three ways below.


Enter your phone number and click the Submit and Call Me button. You will get an automated call from NameCoach with instructions. You will be prompted to record. Press the # sign on your phone when you are satisfied with the recording. Click Submit and Finish to save the recording in NameCoach.

Web recorder

  1. Click the Record button. You will be prompted to use your computer’s microphone.
  2. Click Allow. Follow the prompt before speaking. 
  3. Click Stop when done recording. 
  4. Click the Play button to hear the recording.
  5. You can also choose to Record Again.
  6. Click Submit and Finish to save the recording in NameCoach.


If you have access to an audio recording tool outside of Canvas, you can upload an .mp3 or .wav file of your name recording. Click Submit and Finish to save the recording in NameCoach.

Your NameCoach recording will be available in any Canvas site that is using NameCoach. It will also be available in your Canvas Account profile.

You can re-record your name at any point by clicking the Edit your info button.

Listening to Students’ Names

To listen to students’ recording of their names:

  1. Open NameCoach from the course menu.
  2. Scroll down on the NameCoach page and look for the Recorded Names tab.
  3. Scroll to the corresponding name and click the Play button.

If you find that recordings are not clear, you can request that a student re-records their name by clicking on the Mailbox icon for that student.

The mailbox icon is located under the Actions column for each student row.

Viewing Unrecorded Names

To view a list of students that have not yet recorded their names, scroll down on the NameCoach page and click the Unrecorded Names tab. 

  • To send a reminder email to all students who have not recorded, click the Remind All button.
  • To have a student record, send the student an email by clicking the mailbox icon that student.
The Remind All button is located at the top of the Unrecorded Names tab, next to the Search bar. Individual reminders are located under the Actions column for the row of each student.

Using Canvas Assignments To Encourage NameCoach Recordings

To use a Canvas Assignment to provide a deadline for your students to complete their NameCoach profile:

  1. Click on Assignments on the course menu.
  2. Create a New Assignment.
  3. Enter an assignment name and a description in the proper fields.
  4. Use the drop-down to change the Submission type to External Tool and click the Find button.
  1. Select NameCoach from the list of tools and click the Select button.
  2. Add a Due date and click the Save button to save the Assignment.

Getting Help

For additional help or information, please contact your Local Support Provider or submit a request to Canvas Support.

Last Updated: 18 Aug 2023