Signing Up for Appointment Groups

Signing up for for appointments on the Canvas Calendar

Your professor may use the Canvas Calendar to offer signups for office hours or other scheduled items like presentation slots.

To sign up, first try the link in your appointment notification. If timeslots do not immediately appear on the dates you expect, click the Today button at the top, or switch between Week and Month views.

If you were not notified via email, you can locate available appointment timeslots for a course using these steps:

    • Click Calendar on the left of Canvas, then click the Find Appointment button on the right side.
    • A Select Course pop-up box will appear; choose the course for which you wish to see appointments, then press Submit.

An example of how to select a course using the appointment-groups feature in Canvas.

  • Available timeslots will now be shown in Week, Month, or Agenda view. Agenda will show the number of spaces available for each reservable timeslot.
  • To sign up for a timeslot, click on it to pop-up its reservation form, then click the word Reserve.

An example of how to reserve an appointment using the appointment-groups feature in Canvas.

  • The timeslot you just reserved will become “grayed out” (slightly fainter), indicating a successful signup.
  • Press the Close button on the right side to finish working with appointments.

Your reserved appointment will now appear on your Calendar. Closer to the day of the appointment, it will also appear in the Coming Up list on your Dashboard.

Cancellations or changes

To cancel a reservation, click the appointment time in your Calendar to make its reservation form appear, then click Un-reserve. You’ll be asked to give a reason for the deletion; you may want to supply a brief explanation for your professor.
To change a reservation, press Find Appointment and then click any of the remaining Available times. For restricted appointments where you are only allowed one sign-up, after you click the Reserve link, you will see a pop-up asking if you’d like to Reschedule your old reservation and sign up for the new one instead.

Group or team signups

Certain appointments are intended for group or team signup. When that is offered, you must already be a member of a team in your course (signed up on the People page) in order to see timeslots in Find Appointment. Any member of the team can sign up everyone in the group at once. For that reason, be sure to check with your teammates about reserving or canceling.

Adapted  from Rob Ditto’s and Linda Lee’s documentation, Wharton Computing


Last Updated: 23 Mar 2018