How Do I Use Respondus as a Student?

Instructions for Students Using the LockDown Browser

A few days before your first test

  1. Download and install the LockDown Browser on the computer you will use when taking tests in class. A free download is available at:
    Mac and Windows versions are available; Respondus does not work on Linux, iPad or Android at this time. Please check with your instructor if you don’t have a Mac or Windows laptop.
  2. Complete a sample quiz (if applicable) using the LockDown Browser.                            *Note: if your instructor did not specify that you should complete a sample quiz, you can skip the next 4 steps).
  3. Using the same computer that you will bring to class for your actual test, launch the LockDown Browser.
    You may be prompted to close some programs that are open in the background on your computer (eg. Instant Messenger programs). Click on “Kill these applications” in order to continue.
  4. Login with your PennKey to enter Canvas; select the relevant course site.
  5. Click on the Quizzes button in the Canvas course menu (on the left side of this page)
  6. Click on Sample Quiz for Respondus LockDown Browser and take the quiz. It will only take a few minutes.
    You will NOT be able to take the actual test for this course until you have completed the sample quiz. If you are unable to complete these steps, please contact your local support provider.

When coming to class on the day of the test

  1. Be sure to bring the same computer that you used for the sample quiz.
  2. Please try to arrive with a fully charged battery. Limited electric outlets may be available in the classroom.
  3. When it’s time to take the test, launch the LockDown Browser (not Chrome, Firefox, IE, or Safari) and follow the same procedure that you used for the sample quiz.
  4. When instructed by your teacher or proctor, start the test.
  5. Do not submit the test until you are sure that you are finished. Once submitted, you will not be able to re-open the test.

Duo Mobile and Respondus (Two-Factor Authentication)

Duo Mobile is the recommended two-step verification method for Respondus. It is the only two-step verification option that can be used if you do not have cellphone service in your location when you need to log in.

Install the Duo Mobile app on your Android or iOS phone or other device in order to receive Duo Push notifications. Through the app, you tap and approve or generate single-use verification codes to enter in your browser.

Please consult the Two-Step Verification: detailed instructions for information on how to install the Duo Mobile app on your device.

Last Updated: 6 Mar 2019