VoiceThread for Students

What is Voicethread?

VoiceThread is an application designed for people to have discussions about shared digital media. The tool can be used both individually and collaboratively. VoiceThread allows users to combine images, video, text, and audio to enable multimedia conversations. Using the tool students can, among many things: 

  • Collaborate asynchronously on class presentations.
  • Create a mixed-media portfolio of work.
  • Comment on peer work in a variety of ways (including text, audio, and video).
  • Collect and re-mix research for a range of audiences.

Voicethread is integrated into Canvas and provides an easy way for instructors and students to create, share, and provide feedback on a variety of audio, video, and text content. Each VoiceThread discussion consists of slides – just like a presentation – and each slide contains a piece of digital media, like an image, video, or document. These slides can be commented on by anyone with permission to access to the VoiceThread discussion. Users can share comments in many forms including audio, video, and writing. The tool also provides the option to “mark-up” digital media by highlighting and drawing on items in a shared slide.


How Does it Work? 

Creating a Voicethread is relatively simple, but it does require a few steps to make it work best. The below instructions should help you out: 

  • Begin by finding the Voicethread assignment link in modules. 
  • Once you click on the link, you’ll be asked to enter an e-mail address.
  • Enter your Penn email and password. That will automatically connect the Voicethreads you create to the course and to your Penn account.
  • Once you have access to Voicethead, click on “add one” or “create one” and follow the instructions in the below video to upload media.
  • Voicethread collects all student submissions in one space for easy browsing, peer-review, and commenting. 


For Additional Information

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Last Updated: 14 Oct 2022