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One of the benefits of Canvas is our ability to integrate tools to extend functionality in new ways. The Courseware Advisory leads the exploration and piloting of selected tools or those plug-in applications that conform to the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard.

Pilots are conducted on a short-term basis to evaluate a learning technology’s ability to meet the instructional needs of faculty and students. Pilots are often limited to a small number of participants, and usually require that faculty be willing to evaluate the tool and provide feedback.

Each pilot has different eligibility criteria for participation. Please refer to an individual pilot for more information about the eligibility criteria, or contact your Local Support Provider.

Current Pilots

NameCoach: a recording tool in Canvas that provides faculty and students with a way to identify pronouns, phonetically pronounce names, and hear how others’ names should be pronounced. 

Contact your Local Support Provider (LSP) if you have any questions about current or future pilots.

How to Get Involved

  • Contact your school or center’s LSP to find out if your school is already engaged in a pilot or if there are other eligibility requirements.
  • Consider the risks to decide whether participation is right for you. A pilot may not be extended beyond the evaluation period and content may need to be moved to a different tool.
  • Follow the Canvas at Penn blog or Twitter (@CanvasPenn) to learn about pilot progress and findings along the way. 

Last Updated: 15 Sep 2023