Additional Help Resources

Until on-campus operations resume, we have modified our offerings for the additional services detailed below. For any Canvas questions or issues, please contact

Penn Libraries offers a variety of individual and small-group learning options for Canvas. Here is the current calendar of Workshops, drop-in Office Hours, and one-on-one Canvas Help appointments.


Group workshops are offered each semester, and custom workshops can be designed to meet the needs of your group. View the schedule of upcoming workshops. Please contact us at for more information.

Office Hours

Office Hours, which are offered at select times during the academic year, are scheduled appointment sessions for faculty, grad students, teaching assistants, and students to get individualized Canvas assistance.

Schedule an appointment and let us know how we can prepare in advance to help you. We look forward to working with you!

Instructional Design Consultations

Educational Technology and Learning Management provides individual and small group support for instructional design consultation services for faculty, staff, and instructional support providers.

Assistance is available for all teaching modalities including fully online, flipped, blended, face-to-face courses, and single-session class visits. Our consultation services can help you:

  • Transform courses into flipped, hybrid, or online formats.
  • Design a development and improvement process for single-session class visits.
  • Find or create a course design evaluation rubric for content presentation and standards for course delivery revision.
  • Craft learning objectives.
  • Improve course organization and usability.
  • Ensure accessibility of course sites and course-related tools.
  • Find and learn to use technologies that promote student learning.

Types of Instructional design consultations

Course Design and Content Delivery

This consultation may focus on any aspect of instructional design, including site organization and structure, course revision and format changes, alignment of learning objectives and activities, educational best practices and the pedagogically sound uses of technology in teaching.


Course technology consultations involve reviewing the effectiveness of technology tools used in your class in light of your learning objectives, assessments, and activities. We can guide faculty and teaching staff in selecting the most effective tool options to help students achieve their learning objectives.

Request a Consultation

We are happy to consult with you regarding your individual needs. Please contact us at to schedule a consultation.

Help Appointments

Canvas Help appointments are offered in each month except in May, August, and January. These appointments are one-on-one support sessions for faculty, grad students, teaching assistants, and students. As with Office Hours, Canvas Help appointments are meant to provide individualized Canvas assistance.

Register to reserve time and let us know how we can prepare in advance to help you. We look forward to working with you!

Tips for a Productive Help Appointment

  • Please thoroughly describe the issue in your registration form. We use this information to send you help documentation before the appointment and to prepare for it. The more we know about the issue before the appointment, the more efficiently we can serve you during it.
  • Bring the device (laptop, tablet, etc.) you use for work so we can see how you interface with Canvas and troubleshoot potential device-configuration issues. Also, please make sure that your device is using a browser version supported by Canvas.

Please note our Canvas Help Policies for people registering for Canvas Help appointments.