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As of May 2022, Gradescope is available to all Penn faculty, staff, and students. A Canvas integration is available for all courses taught through Penn Canvas.

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Gradescope is a tool that instructors with large classes can use to assist in grading coursework quickly and efficiently. Instructors or students upload pdfs of the completed assignment directly into the Gradescope tool and the instructor can apply a custom rubric that allows for uniform grading and feedback. Instructors also receive analytics concerning their assignments to better understand what students are struggling with.

How Do I Get Access to Gradescope?

Gradescope is available for all courses at Penn. To request access to Gradescope, please contact your Local Support Provider.

Using Gradescope with Canvas

If you are interested in using Gradescope in your Canvas course site, please submit a request to your Local Support Provider.

Once Gradescope has been enabled in your course, please refer to Using Gradescope with Canvas as an Instructor for detailed instructions on setting up assignments and exams.

How to Add an Assignment or Exam

To grade exams or quizzes you will start by creating a new assignment on Gradescope. From the assignments page, click on the Create Assignment button in the bottom right. This will bring up a dialog box with various assignment-type options. Selecting the Exam / Quiz option will give a brief overview of the assignment type. Click Next to choose the settings for the assignment.

You will need to give the assignment a title and upload a blank copy of the exam (see Creating, editing, and deleting an assignment) to help you create the assignment outline you’ll use for grading. 

By default, the Exam / Quiz assignment type is set up so that instructors can scan and submit their students’ work. If you’d rather have students scan or upload and submit their work, change the Who will upload submissions? setting to Students and follow the instructions in the “Homework and Problem Sets” section below.

Once the assignment is created:

When grading is finished you can:

The video below will show you a quick example of how to create a quiz in Gradescope.

How to Grade with Gradescope

Grading in Gradescope utilizes a rubric that the instructors create as they are working through the assignment/exam. If you drastically change how something is graded, past problems you had already graded will reappear for you to update.

The video below will show you what grading a simple question looks like in Gradescope.

Submitting Assignments as a Student

Using Gradescope with Canvas as a Student provides detailed instructions for students and provides a preview for instructors looking to understand how student submissions work.

Students can also refer to the detailed instructions in Scanning their Work or Understanding Submission Types for more information.

Additional Help & Support

For additional help or information, please contact your Local Support Provider.

Last Updated: 28 Sep 2022