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For faculty, student and staff who are interested in creating and managing video content, Panopto is a video creation and storage platform that integrates into Canvas. With Panopto, enables users to organize existing videos, record materials, perform inside-video searches, take quizzes, administer quizzes, and more.

Important Notes:

  • Faculty, TAs, staff, and students can create and share Panopto video content.
  • Panopto has teamed up with Penn to host on-campus lecture capture videos.
  • The Panopto-Canvas integration is accessible through the rich text editor in Canvas.
  • For questions about using the platform’s Canvas integration in your course, please contact your school’s Canvas support.

Using Panopto

Panopto can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Automatic classroom recording:  Some classrooms at Penn are outfitted with special capabilities that allow you to have your class sessions automatically recorded. For details, visit
  • Creating “screencast” videos using your own computer:  With the Panopto Recorder software, you can record your voice, webcam, and on-screen activity. For example, you can record yourself giving a powerpoint presentation, or demonstrating how to use specialized software. Just about anything you do on your computer can be turned into a recorded presentation and published on your Canvas site.
  • Upload other videos:  If you have film clips, audio recordings, or other media files, you can upload them to Panopto and share them with your classes through Canvas.
  • Student projects:  You can create assignments in Canvas where students record and post their own videos.

Benefits of the Platform

  • Allows faculty and students to create, manage, and share asynchronous content for class discussion and other assignments.
  • Supports use on mobile devices (tablets and phones).
  • Video files are uploaded directly to Canvas and can be used in addition to or in lieu of other assignment submission types.

Setting Up Panopto in Canvas

Using Panopto in Canvas is easy, but the process will be different depending on how you want to use your materials over time. The below links will provide detailed information for setting up, accessing, and organizing your video content in Panopto:

  • Material for one time use: Follow this process for materials you want to use for one Canvas site, in one semester, and are unlikely to use again in the future or for other courses
  • Materials for Repeated use: Follow this process to create your personal Panopto folder, organize your materials, and post them into any Canvas site.

For further questions about Panopto, please contact your school’s support staff. For a list of local support providers, navigate to the School-Based Support Staff page