Creating a Canvas Profile


Filing out a Canvas profile is optional, but it is a good way to share information about yourself with anyone enrolled in a Canvas course with you.

This Guide explains how to:

  • Decide what to include in a Canvas Profile
  • Edit a Canvas Profile

Important Notes:

  • Any Canvas user who’s in the same Canvas site as you can see your profile if they click on your name whenever they see it.

Why Would I Want a Canvas Profile?

Setting up a Canvas profile lets you share personal information with other users in your Canvas courses.

All Canvas users have profiles, but not all users choose to add information to them. Filling out a Canvas profile is optional, so you can leave yours blank if you want.

If you are a student who decides to add information to your Canvas profile, then you should consider the type of persona you wish to convey and carefully choose the information you will share. Please note that your instructors and TAs can see your profile, so it’s a best practice to use discretion and present yourself well.

What Type of Information Can I Share in My Canvas Profile?

  • Profile Picture: Upload a picture, take a picture, or use Gravatar
  • Bio: Share information about yourself and  your academic interests
  • Contact Methods: Ways people can contact you outside Canvas
  • Personal Pronouns: Indicate your personal pronouns that display after your name in various areas in Canvas
  • Links: Hyperlinks to web content you’ve created or that’s connect to you in some way (e.g., you blog)
Example of a Canvas Profile

How Do I Edit My Canvas Profile?

You can edit Your Canvas profile by following these instructions:

Last Updated: 22 Sep 2022