Canvas Avatars


Filing out a Canvas profile or adding an avatar is optional, but it is a good way to share information about yourself with anyone enrolled in a Canvas course with you.

Consider Your Persona

If you decide to add information or an avatar to your Canvas profile, consider the type of persona you wish to convey and carefully choose the content you will share. Any Canvas user who’s in the same Canvas site as you can see your profile if they click on your name whenever they see it.

We recommend the following guidelines for avatars in Canvas:

  • It should be a recognizable and current photo or image of your face. (Masks, extreme Photoshopping, distance shots, pictures with more than one person, or obscure images are not suggested.) Your face should cover 70% of the image. We advise against using the default avatar designs provided through Gravatar.
  • It should be a minimum of 500 x 500 pixels in dimensions.
  • A square-shaped image is best.
  • The image must be in JPG format.
  • Images that do not follow the guidelines may be deleted at the discretion of a system administrator.

* Adapted with permission from SUU Online

Last Updated: 19 Sep 2018