Respondus is a lockdown browser designed to prevent cheating during proctored online exams. This tool is currently available for courses in Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Nursing, and Wharton.

How Does It Work?

Once enabled for a course, students access the exam through a separate Respondus browser (not through Chrome, Firefox, IE, or Safari) which locks down the testing environment within Canvas. While taking a Respondus quiz, students will not be able to open new browser tabs or windows, navigate away from Canvas, or take screen capture images.

Although Respondus helps prevent cheating in online exams, it is not a substitute for proctoring and as such cannot be used for take-home exams. For more information about Respondus, please see:

How Can I Use It?

Contact your local support provider to join the pilot, then see the following instructions to use Respondus in your course:

How Do I Use Respondus as an Instructor?
How Do I Use Respondus as a Student?