Course Guides may be embedded in a Canvas site to provide students with immediate access to a curated selection of course-specific research sources. Anyone in a teaching team role can select and embed a Library Guide in a Canvas site.

This Instructor Guide explains how:

  • Enable the Library Guide tool for a Canvas site.
  • Specify where the Library Guide should be placed in the course navigation menu.
  • Select an existing Course Guide.
  • View the contents of the Library Guide.

Important Notes:

Enable and Select a Library Guide in Canvas

  1. Go to Settings in the course menu and click on the Navigation.
  2. "Settings" button and "Navigation" tab circled in red for emphasis.Scroll down to “Drag items here to hide them from students” to locate the Library Guide.
  3. "Library Guide" button circled in red for emphasis.Drag the button into the “Drag and drop items to reorder them in the course navigation” list and click Save. This will add the button to the course menu.
  4. Red arrow pointing upward from the "Library Guide" button, which is circled in red for emphasis.Click on the button in the course menu, which will open the LibApps Library Content Selection menu and allow you to link to a specific guide.
  5. "Library Guide" button on site navigation bar circled in red for emphasis.Select from the LibGuides Site dropdown.
  6. "LibGuides" drop-down menu with "Guides - selected.Select Full LibGuide from the Content Type.
  7. Then select the specific guide you’d like to add from the Guide You may also select an optional landing page from the Guide Page dropdown.
  8. Once you have made all your selections, click Embed Content.
  9. "Embed Content" button circled in red for emphasis.The Canvas site will refresh and send you back to the course homepage. Click on Library Guide again in the course menu and then View Content to view your guide."View Content" button circled in red for emphasis.

What Do Students See?

The teaching team/admin view of Library Guides differs from the student view. When students select the Library Guide button in a Canvas site, they will see only the embedded page. Teaching team members can view the embedded guide by selecting View Content.