Assigning Different Due Dates and Availability Dates for Students

Did you know that instructors can add different due dates and/or availability dates for students for the same Canvas assignment or quiz? This allows them to give different due dates for each section of a class or to provide extensions for individual students without having to create a new assignment. Differentiated assignment due dates and availability dates should be set before students begin submitting the assignment. Students can only access the assignment or quiz with the due date assigned to them.

Adding Multiple Due Dates and Availability Dates:

After creating a new Assignment or Quiz, scroll down to the Assignment/Quiz details field that says “Assign to.”


By default, Canvas Assignments and Quizzes are assigned to “Everyone,” meaning all students enrolled in the course. In the “Assign to” field, add a due date and (optional) availability dates for the first group of students. Then click the “+Add” link beneath the availability dates and select the name of the individual


In the “Assign to” field, select the student or section’s name from the dropdown list. For courses with large enrollments, you may need to start typing the name of the student or section in order to see it listed as option. After selecting the name of the student or section, the first “Assign to” field will change to “Everyone Else.”


Repeat the above steps to add additional due dates for other students or sections, or to remove a due date, click on the “X” at the upper left corner of the “Assign to” box.
AddDate  When you are finished assigning due dates and/or availability dates, be sure to click “Save” or “Save & Publish” to update your changes.

Last Updated: 9 Nov 2018