Using Sections in Canvas

Multiple sections of a course can share a single Canvas site. If you are teaching a large introductory course or several sections of a course, you can have the sections broken out in a single site; for example, having lab or recitation sections within a lecture site.

What are sections in Canvas?

  • Sections are different than Groups in Canvas. Sections are tied to enrollments while Groups must be manually created or auto-created by the system. Groups function better for group projects and create spaces in Canvas for group collaboration. Sections are an administrative tool for the instructor that has benefits for grading.
  • Sections tied to course enrollment must be set up by a Canvas System Administrator. Instructors cannot manually add a section to their course that is tied to user enrollment.

What are the benefits to using Sections?

  • Assignment, Quizzes, and Discussions can have varied due dates by Section.
  • TAs can be restricted to only grading students in their assigned section within a single course site.
  • Instructors have the ability to toggle the Gradebook to only display one section at a time which can be helpful while grading.

How can I request that my Canvas site have sections?

When requesting your site via the Canvas Course Request Form, please indicate in the comments field the sections that should be included in your course site. It is very important to request sections in your Canvas site prior to it being published and used by students. Once a site is in use it is not possible to retroactively add sections to it.Please note that when recitation/lab sections are included in lecture site, separate Canvas sites cannot be created for individual recitation/lab sections in Canvas.


Last Updated: 8 May 2018