Tool: What is it? This pilot is recommended if: This pilot is not recommended if: Kaltura Kaltura is a high-quality streaming video and audio tool. With the Canvas integration, you can upload secure videos, images, audio files and documents, or create video clips, screencasts, and video assignments. Looking for media analytics? Kaltura provides instructors with user engagement reports that include the total number of videos played, total number of views, and the percentage of the video that was played. The media player can be viewed on all mobile devices, includes a Flash-HTML5 fallback, and automatically adjusts to the device screen size. You are interested in capturing video analytics for your course and/or want students to create and submit videos for assignments. You use a large number of videos in your courses that you will need to access in future courses. Poll Everywhere An alternative to polling clickers, Poll Everywhere lets you ask students questions with either the Poll Everywhere app or website. Students answer in real time using text messages, Twitter, or web browsers. You’ll see their responses live on the web or in a PowerPoint presentation. Students frequently forget/can’t login to their clickers, you allow mobile devices to be used. There is not a reliable wi-fi connection in the classroom, you have concerns about showing student responses during a live poll. Respondus When students use Respondus LockDown Browser they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications while taking an in-class quiz or exam through Canvas. Respondus can only be accessed through the Canvas integration and is not a substitute for an in-person proctor. You give in-class online quizzes/exams with a proctor present. You give out-of-class quizzes/exams or in-class exams without a proctor present. Yellowdig Yellowdig is a discussion board tool that thinks like a social network. Students can share images, videos, and links to articles and websites, then “like,” or comment on each other’s posts. Yellowdig is unique for its points system. Each original post (or “pin”) of 40 or more words is worth 10 points. Adding a new comment with at least 40 words will earn you 5 point, whereas upvoting pins (through “likes” and “loves”) will give the pin author 1 point each time. 100 points will give students a 100% participation score in the gradebook if the feature is enabled. You already use Canvas Discussions in your course, but would like more student participation and/or would like students to share and comment on relevant news articles and videos they find pertaining to the topic. You have a set grading scheme for Discussions or you plan to link to subscription-based websites, such as nytimes.com.

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