Not Receiving Email Notifications? You Might Need to Confirm Your Email Address

Users who have not confirmed their email addresses in Canvas do not receive email notifications. If you notice that you are not receiving email notifications, please check to see if your email address is confirmed by clicking on Account > Settings in the upper left corner of Canvas.

Cursor clicking the








In the right margin of the “Settings” page, click on click to re-send the email link.

A display of the "click to re-send email" link that appears on one's "Settings" page when an email address needs to be confirmed.

The following message should appear briefly near the top of your “Settings” page:

“Done! Message delivery may take a few minutes.”

Check your email inbox for the confirmation email and follow the instructions to finalize your email confirmation. If you do not see the email in you inbox, check you spam folder.

Please contact Courseware Support at if you have any questions.

Last Updated: 17 Sep 2021