How to I Copy a Canvas Quiz or Survey?

You can export a quiz or survey from a Canvas site and then import it into another Canvas site or the same site by following these steps:

Important: If there is a quiz/survey with the same name in the site that will receive the export (a.k.a. the quiz/survey-import site), you will want to change that name of that quiz/survey before following the steps below. If you do not and students have submitted results for the quiz/survey of the same name in the import site, that quiz/survey and those results will be overwritten.

1.) Export the quiz/survey from the Canvas.

In the “Choose Export Type” section of these instructions, you will deselect the “All Quizzes” option and then click in the check-box for the quiz/survey you want to export.

2.) Import the quiz/survey into another Canvas site or the same site.

Last Updated: 23 Apr 2018