How Do I Create a New Pin in Yellowdig?

To add a new “pin” or post in Yellowdig, click on the “Add a Pin” button:

Yellowdig Pin

Next, choose the board where the pin should go and (1.) insert either a link you want to share with the class or the title of your pin. If you paste in a link to an article or video from a publicly available source, the article or video will automatically embed into the pin, similar to other social media platforms. Click on the media icons (2.) in the top right corner to embed images, video, or documents in your pin. Note: only one media item can be embedded in each pin.

Add Pin Screen

To “tag” or notify people in the class, include the “@” symbol before typing their names in the Content field. You can also include comments and additional links in the Content field. (3.) Check the “Show on top of feed” box to move your pin to the top of the Yellowdig board. (4.) Click “Post” when you are ready to make your pin visible to the class.