How Do Points Work in Yellowdig?

By default, points are enabled in Yellowdig. Each time you create a new Pin, add a new Comment, or “upvote” a Comment or Pin, you earn points which can passed back to the Gradebook in Canvas. Here is a breakdown of how points are awarded:Yellowdig Points

You can change how many points each action is worth by clicking the edit icon to the right of the “How Points Work” link, then clicking the “Manage Points” button from the dialog box that appears.


Board Points

update points

When you are finished editing the point values assigned to each action, click the “Update Points” button.


Yellowdig includes a leaderboard that displays the top seven participants in the board (including instructors/TAs). In classes where participation is also being graded this tool may indicate student performance. We advise instructors of small class to take this into consideration when using Yellowdig. For more information about the Points System and Leaderboard: