How Do I Create a New Board in Yellowdig?

After joining the pilot, Yellowdig will be enabled and appear as a link in the left-side course menu of your Canvas site.

Yellowdig link

When you click on this link for the first time, you will be prompted to create new Yellowdig board.

Yellowdig Board

Give the board a name and (optional) select a category for the course. Select the option to create a board that is “Open to invited or enrolled members” to make the board accessible only to users enrolled in your course site. Click “Submit” to create the board.

To create additional boards, open Yellowdig and scroll down until you see the card on the right side that says “Grow Your Network.” Select “Add a board” from this list.

Add New Board

Name the board and again choose the option to create a board that is “Open to invited or enrolled members.” Click “Submit” to create the board.

Continuing or Reusing Boards:

Yellowdig boards can be shared across courses, including multiple sections of the same course, different courses, or as a continuing resources across semesters. Instructors are advised to inform students when a board is shared across sections, courses, or a continuing resource across semesters.