Yellowdig is a discussion board tool with the look and feel of Facebook. The UPenn Yellowdig subscription will run until June 30, 2019.

How Does It Work?

Share links, articles, videos, and more. Whenever you post a new “pin” and/or another user likes, loves, or comments on it, you earn points!  These points can passed into the Canvas Gradebook. By default, students receive a participation score of 100% after earning 100 points while instructors are awarded a digital badge, but you can change the point values assigned to an activity however you like. Yellowdig boards are integrated in your Canvas course site, but can also be accessed outside of Canvas or through the mobile App.

  • Continuing or Reusing Boards: Yellowdig boards can be shared across courses, including multiple sections of the same course, different courses, or as a continuing resources across semesters. Instructors are advised to inform students when a board is shared across sections, courses, or a continuing resource across semesters.
  • Leaderboard: Yellowdig includes a leaderboard that displays the top seven participants in the board (including instructors/TAs). In classes where participation is also being graded this tool may indicate student performance. We advise instructors of small class to take this into consideration when using Yellowdig. For more information about the Points System and Leaderboard:

How Can I Use It?

If Yellowdig seems like a good fit for your course, contact your local support provider to join the pilot, then see the following instructions to use Yellowdig in your course:

How Do I Create a New Board in Yellowdig?
How Do I Create a New Pin in Yellowdig?
How Do Points Work in Yellowdig?
How Do I Use Yellowdig Outside of Canvas?
How Do I Get Help with Yellowdig?

*Note: Users must have an email address associated with their Canvas account in order to use Yellowdig. This email address cannot be already associated with an existing Yellowdig account at another school.*

If using an email already associated with a Yellowdig account at another institution, you will receive this message: You are attempting to log in with the email address XXXXXXXX from University of Pennsylvania, but that email address is already associated with an account in another University. You can resolve this by changing your email address used by University of Pennsylvania LMS to a different address or an alias. Please contact us at referencing this message.

For instructions on adding an email address in Canvas, please see:
For instructions on setting your default email address in Canvas, please see: