VoiceThread is an application designed for people to have discussions about shared digital media. The tool can be used both individually and collaboratively. It also conveniently integrates into Canvas Gradebook.

How Does It Work?

Each VoiceThread discussion consists of slides – just like a presentation – and each slide contains a piece of digital media, like an image, video, or document. These slides can be commented on by anyone with permission to access to the VoiceThread discussion. Users can share comments in many forms including audio, video, and writing. The tool also provides the option to “mark-up” digital media by highlighting and drawing on items in a shared slide.

How Can I Use It?

Contact your local support provider to have Voicethread added to your course, then see the following instructions to use the tool:

Instructions & Examples

Creating a Voicethread:


Submitting and Commenting:

Project Examples: https://voicethread.com/about/library