What Is Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is a web-based polling tool that doesn’t require clickers. This tool is available to all instructors at the University of Pennsylvania under a University-wide license.

How Does It Work?

Instructors, TAs, or staff create a poll in their Poll Everywhere account. The poll is made in an unpublished state. Once a poll is published, students can respond to polls through text messages or the Internet. The poll can be closed manually by the instructor, TA, or staff, or it can be set to close at a certain time. Poll results appear in customized formats (graph, bar chart, etc.). Reports can be run for granular analytics and grading.

How Can I Use it?

Here are some common Poll Everywhere uses:

  • Attendance
  • Assessment:
    • Diagnostic
    • Formative
    • Summative (minor assessments only [e.g., short quizzes])
    • Student-directed teaching
    • Social learning
  • Flipped/Hybrid classrooms
  • Online learning

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Last Updated: 11 Aug 2020