Using Poll Everywhere with Canvas

No Poll Everywhere Integration for Canvas at Penn

Currently, the University of Pennsylvania does not have a Poll Everywhere integration for Canvas, which means that polls cannot be added to a Canvas site using the “External Tool” feature the same way that other integrated third-party tools (e.g., Turnitin) can.

Because there is no Poll Everywhere integration for Canvas at Penn, it is not possible to have poll results automatically entered into the Canvas gradebook.

Workaround for Adding Polls to Canvas Sites

Links to polls can be added to modules or to anywhere the Rich Content Editor appears (Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Quizzes, or Syllabus).

Workaround for Using the Canvas Gradebook with Poll Everywhere

If you have created participant accounts for your students, you can run a report on a poll and then use the results to enter grades into an assignment column you create using a “No Submission” Canvas assignment.

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