Types of Polls & Surveys

What’s the Difference between Polls and Surveys?

Poll Everywhere draws the following distinction between polls and surveys:

  • Poll: a single, stand-alone question
  • Survey: series of polls presented in succession

Standard Polls

Poll Everywhere has five standard types of polls: multiple choice, open-ended questions, Q&A, rank order, and clickable image. Each of these polls can be divided into two categories–those that allow both web and text-message responses, and those that only allow web responses.

Web- and Text-Message Response Polls

The following polls let respondents answer through text messaging or in a web browser:

  • Multiple Choice: Respondents choose from options a presenter provide.
  • Open-Ended Questions: Respondents can submit any answer they want.
    • There are two sub-types of open-ended questions:
      • Word Cloud
      • Open-Ended (lists open-ended responses)

Web-Response Only Poll

The following polls let respondents answer only in a web browser (text-message responses are unavailable for these polls):

  • Q&A: Respondents submit questions or comments can can up-vote or down-vote other responses.
  • Rank Order: Respondents rank options a presenter provides.
  • Clickable Image: Respondents click on an image the presenter provides.

Other Polls

Poll Everywhere also has other types of polls that can been seen by logging into Poll Everywhere and clicking on Create More.

An example of where the

The other types of polls appear below the standard-poll menu after you click on More. 


Surveys are multiple polls that can be presented in succession. To create a survey,  log into Poll Everywhere and clicking on Create Survey.

An example of the

After you create your first poll for the survey, click on the Choose an activity drop-down menu and select another poll type to add the next poll to the survey.

An example of the

Use the Choose an activity drop-down menu for subsequent polls until the survey is finished.

When the poll is finished, click on Add another activity to save to poll to present later, or click on Create to present the poll immediately.

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