Free vs. Subscription Poll Everywhere Accounts

The Poll Everywhere  license at the University of Pennsylvania grants instructors in participating schools and programs access to the subscription version of Poll Everywhere. Depending one’s needs, a user may find that the free version of Poll Everywhere is sufficient. The following information will help users decide if they should use the free version of Poll Everywhere or if they should contact their LSP about joining  the subscription version.

Free Poll Everywhere Accounts

There is a free version of Poll Everywhere that anyone can use. A user can sign up for a free Poll Everywhere account through this link.

The free version has most of the functionality available through the subscription version; however, it has these limitations:

  • There is a 40-response limit per poll.
  • The correct-answers display feature is not included.
  • The reporting feature is not included.
  • Participant accounts are unavailable, which means that there is not a way to match poll responses with respondents, since doing this requires participant accounts. In a course context, the lack of participant accounts means that instructors cannot determine which students submitted which responses.

Subscription Poll Everywhere Accounts

Poll Everywhere subscription accounts offer these additional features:

  • Allows for 10,000 responses per poll (please email if you plan to have more than 1,000 for a poll)
  • Has the correct-answer display feature
  • Includes reporting
  • Gives the option to create participant accounts, which means that poll responses can be matched with respondents. In a course context, this means that instructors who set up participant accounts for their students can identify which responses came from which student.

To Join the University of Pennsylvania Poll Everywhere License

Contact your Local Support Provider and let them know you want to join the Poll Everywhere license. To find your Local Support Provider, please see this list.

Please Provide the Following Information to Your LSP:

  • If you have created an account using the free version of Poll Everywhere, please give your LSP email address you used to create your free account. The same email address will need to be used to create your subscription account so that the polls you created through your free account will be added to your subscription account.
  • Please let you LSP know if you will want to associate poll responses with respondents (i.e., you will need to know the names of the people who respond to your poll).

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