Create Participant Accounts for Student (Penn Subscription Only)

What Does Poll Everywhere Mean by “Participant”?

A participant in Poll Everywhere is someone whose names appear with their responses in Poll Everywhere reports. If a participant account has not been created for a respondent, their poll response cannot be associated with them in Poll Everywhere reports.

Participant Accounts Are Only Available through the University License

An instructor’s school or program must have access to our subscription account for them to create participant accounts for their students. If you want to use participant accounts for your students but your school or program does not have access to Penn’s subscription account, contact your Local Support Provider. To find your Local Support Provider, please see this list.

Please Provide the Following Information to Your LSP

  • If you have created an account using the free version of Poll Everywhere, please give your LSP email address you used to create your free account. The same email address will need to be used to create your subscription account so that the polls you created through your free account will be added to your subscription account.

Instructions for Creating Participant Accounts

Currently, the only recommended method for creating participant accounts in Poll Everywhere at the University of Pennsylvania is by distributing a link to students so they can create their participant accounts. Please consult these instructions for how to distribute a link to students so they can create their Poll Everywhere participant accounts.

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Last Updated: 11 Aug 2020