Introducing the New Gradebook

An example of the crosshairs- and highlighting-features in the New Gradebook.
The New Gradebook displays crosshairs and highlighting across rows and columns for improved orientation. Please see the “New Gradebook Features” section in this article for information on other features.

What Is the New Gradebook?

As of January 6, 2018, the New Gradebook is available as a feature option in all courses and can be enabled by any instructor on a course-by-course basis. The New Gradebook has been designed to make grading more flexible and intuitive, as well as to elevate the Gradebook user experience.

Please Read before Enabling the New Gradebook

The New Gradebook feature option should be used with caution.

Previously, admins who had enabled the New Gradebook in a course could disable the New Gradebook for an instructor at any time. As of January 6th, instructors can enable the New Gradebook on their own, and the New Gradebook cannot be disabled by any user when one or both of the following features are applied:

  • Manually adjust a submission status to “None,” “Late,” “Missing,” or “Excused.”
  • Enable late or missing policies in the “Settings” menu.

The above features are not compatible with the current Gradebook, so enabling their functionality will prevent an instructor from returning to the current Gradebook.

New Gradebook Features

Currently, the New Gradebook has the following features:

  • There are new menus for more settings and sorting options.
  • Teachers have control over color feedback with a built-in color key.
  • There are more filtering options.
  • The keyboard accessibility on grade entry is improved.
  • It has drag-and-drop total columns.
  • There are crosshairs and highlighting for orientation.
  • There are late and missing flags with automatic deduction policies.

Additional features will be added to the New Gradebook as it undergoes further development. Updates to the New Gradebook will be posted to Canvas at Penn and shared through our vendor’s New Gradebook User Group.

How Do Faculty, TAs, & Graders Use the New Gradebook?

  1. A Teacher or TA enables the New Gradebook in their course.
  2. For instructions on how to use the new Gradebook, Teachers, TAs, and Graders can consult the New Gradebook Guide.


If you have questions, please consult the New Gradebook F.A.Q. or email