New Quizzes Overview

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What is the New Quizzes Feature in Canvas?

New Quizzes is an assessment tool that integrates with Canvas and will replace the Classic Quizzes tool in Canvas in December 2022. It will be enabled for all Penn courses using Canvas in July 2022, or you can request to have it enabled earlier by contacting

Both the current “Classic Quizzes” tool and New Quizzes can be used concurrently in the same course site. 

Instructors can use New Quizzes to create quizzes and exams with a variety of question types. Quizzes will appear under the “Quizzes” and “Assignments” tabs in Canvas and can be added to Modules. New Quizzes are easily duplicated within a course site and copied to other courses. Students can submit assessments using New Quizzes either within the Canvas site or through the Canvas Student mobile app.

What are the Differences Between Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes? 

New Quizzes offer new question types, features, and settings, as well as improved processes for regrading and accommodations. To see the full table of differences, please visit Canvas Community’s full comparison. The process of creating a New Quiz in Canvas has a few key differences from Classic Quizzes, which we will go over in the next section. 

New Quizzes does not currently provide support for creating polls or surveys. Consider using Classic Quizzes (until December 2022), Poll Everywhere, or another tool (such as Qualtrics) if you need to create a poll or survey for your class.

Is New Quizzes Right for My Course?

New Quizzes offers many benefits for users who wish to better organize questions and manage student data. It also enables searching and tagging in ways that weren’t possible in Classic Quizzes. 

Still, while New Quizzes offers new features and new question types, the tool has not gained complete feature parity with Classic Quizzes. With this in mind, we recommend reviewing the feature comparison tables or talking with your local support provider to determine if New Quizzes is a good fit for your course. 

Both Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes can be used in the same course until December 2022.