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Beginning July 1, 2022, BlueJeans Meetings will no longer be a centrally-supported videoconferencing tool for Penn users. We recommend Zoom as an alternative videoconferencing solution.

Any recording currently stored in the BlueJeans Meetings recording tab that you wish to preserve should be downloaded as soon as possible, and no later than June 30, 2022. View the download instructions for faculty/staff and students (via Nursing ITS). Meeting recordings downloaded from BlueJeans should be saved to alternative storage solutions, such as Panopto or Penn+Box.

If you have created any recurring meetings within your BlueJeans account, be sure to reschedule them on an alternative videoconferencing tool no later than June 30, 2022.

For questions about BlueJeans, please contact your Local Service Provider or

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BlueJeans is a cloud-based cross-platform video conferencing service that makes it easy to collaborate with your classmates. It can be started and joined via a PC, Mac, smartphone, or regular landline (audio only). Each meeting can accommodate up to 500 participants and supports recording of the meeting and screen/media sharing.

 Trouble connecting or have questions? See our FAQ below.

Accessing BlueJeans

  1. To access BlueJeans service, go to (Your email address must be set to “public” in the Penn Directory. See our FAQ for more information.)
  2. Click Login.
  3. Type in your PennKey username and password.

Browser Requirements: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. See BlueJeans’ support page for more information on browser and app requirements.

Scheduling a Meeting

  1. Log in at
  2. Click the Schedule Meeting button.
  3. Enter a title for your meeting in Meeting Title.
  4. Enter Date and Time.
  5. In the Invite Participants box, type in the email addresses of your meeting participants.
  6. Click the Schedule Meeting button.

Using BlueJeans Through Canvas for Instructors

Class activities should be scheduled directly through the Canvas interface. Use your Personal Meeting Room for one-on-one meetings or activities unrelated to teaching.

Schedule New Meetings in Canvas

Within Canvas, you can schedule, attend, and replay video meeting recordings in a course site while preserving the privacy of your personal meeting account.

To schedule a meeting and/or modify settings in BlueJeans, start by clicking on BlueJeans in your course navigation menu.

Choose the blue Schedule button in the upper right side of the screen.

Schedule Button, upper right of screen from the BlueJeans integration in Canvas

The first time you access BlueJeans through the button you will be prompted to Authenticate and then to Authorize the BlueJeans LMS App with your identity. (The browser must be set to allow third-party cookies.)

Authorize Sequence for the BlueJeans integration in Canvas

Fill in the details of the class. Make sure to include all course details in the meeting title. If your class has multiple sections in the same Canvas room, all students will be able to access all sessions, so students should be advised to join the section for which they are registered.  

Settings for scheduling a new meeting using the BlueJeans integration in Canvas.
  1. Account conference service: Select BlueJeans from the dropdown.
  2. Title: Enter the class, section number, time, and a meaningful title. (e.g. MKTG XXX Section 001 – 10:30 am – Online Class Meeting). Identify your meeting clearly so students can easily pick it out from their other meetings (e.g. “Lecture” won’t identify it as their Marketing Class).
  3. Description: Add any important details about the class.
  4. Time: Set the start and end times.
  5. Recommended settings
    • Leave Moderator Required unchecked. This allows students to enter the virtual classroom before the teacher (moderator) arrives.
    • Leave Send email notifications through BlueJeans unchecked.  Sending emails through BlueJeans on recurring meetings will result in multiple invites being sent to each student, creating additional unnecessary emails. Students can log in to Canvas to view their upcoming scheduled video conferences.  
    • Check the box for Auto-record meeting. All classes are supposed to be recorded, and checking this box will give you one less thing to have to remember. BlueJeans meeting recordings start the moment 2 people join the meeting, and each participant is notified that the meeting is being recorded upon entry.
  6. Recurring meeting can be checked or unchecked.  If you do check it, be sure to fill in the proper class start and end times:
  7. Members: Check Invite All Course Members

Choose Save. You will see a confirmation notice at the top of the BlueJeans page.


All BlueJeans class meetings should be recorded. The recordings will appear in the “Recorded BlueJeans Meetings” section of the BlueJeans tab on Canvas. Recordings can also be accessed via the Recording tab in the BlueJeans web interface, in the account of the person who scheduled the meeting.

If you’d like your BlueJeans recordings to show up in the “Class Recordings” tab, see Upload Virtual Meeting Recording to Canvas from Wharton Computing.

Security and Privacy Settings for Meetings

Prevent uninvited guests or mischievous attendees from disrupting your BlueJeans meeting (“Zoombombing”) by enabling security settings for a scheduled meeting or during a meeting in progress. For more information, see Penn’s guidance on Zoombombing.

Schedule a Secure Meeting

The Canvas integration makes it easy to schedule class sessions, invite students, and securely share recordings. See Scheduling BlueJeans Meetings Through Canvas for instructions. 

Consider adding an extra layer of security to your meetings by enabling the following settings:

  • Restricted meeting access: Only users who are logged in to their Penn BlueJeans account can join (My Organization Only). This setting is recommended for most class sessions. 
  • Disable moderator-less meetings: Configure your meetings to require a moderator. Students cannot join class before the teacher joins and will see a pop-up that says, “Waiting for moderator to start the meeting.”
  • Require a meeting passcode. Adding a passcode means participants can only join the meeting with a link that contains an embedded passcode, or by manually entering a passcode that you provide to them. We recommend removing the embedded passcode in a meeting link so attendees are forced to manually enter the passcode.

In-Meeting Security Options

  • Lock your meeting. When everyone has successfully joined the class session, you can lock your meeting to prevent others from joining. Once a meeting has been locked, hosts are not notified if people are trying to enter and participants will be unable to join/rejoin unless the meeting is unlocked. 
  • Remove an individual. If an uninvited guest shows up to your virtual classroom, you can remove them from the People menu by using the ‘Drop from meeting’ feature. 
  • Manage disruptive participants:
    • Mute video/audio: Turn off a student’s camera or mic to block distracting content or inappropriate gestures while class is in session.
    • Mute all participants: Mute/unmute all participants upon entry to minimize disruptions when everyone joins the meeting or during a meeting in-progress.
  • Lock screen sharing. As a meeting host, you have the option to decide when participants can screen share and when screen share can be taken over by other meeting participants.
  • Disable the chat. The chat feature is enabled by default. As meeting host, you can disable the chat for all participants, or disable private chat so participants cannot send private messages.


  • Do I need to have an account to participate in a Meeting?
    No, you do not need an account to participate in a meeting. You do need to log in with your PennKey to schedule or moderate a meeting.
  • How many participants can be in one meeting?
    You can have up to 200 participants in one meeting.
  • What are the system requirements for using the service?
    You can find system requirements on the BlueJeans’ Support Site.
  • How can I find more information for how to use Bluejeans?
    You can find a user guide that contains information for how to use this service.
  • Can I set up an International meeting?
    There are a number of international numbers available for attendees who want to phone into your meeting.
  • Can I use Google Chrome?
    Google Chrome will work with BlueJeans but requires an extension for some of the features.
  • How can I fix problems with the service?
    For problems with the video quality, try exiting and re-entering the meeting. For problems with audio, review BlueJean’s audio troubleshooting tips.
  • I’m getting an authentication error, what could be wrong?
    There are several reasons you might be getting an authentication error:
    • Your email address is unpublished in the Penn Directory. For now, you’ll need to publish your email address in Penn’s directory in order to be able to use the BlueJeans Virtual Meeting service. It may take up to 2 hours for your new setting to take effect, and allow you to log into BlueJeans. You can “unpublish” it again after 2 hours and you’ll still be able to use the service.
    • You don’t have an account from a participating school, or your account does not include an email address. You’ll need to contact your school’s support team for further help.

Help & Support

For additional help and support with BlueJeans, contact BlueJeans support directly or contact your school’s IT support department.