Canvas Production Release: June 4, 2016

Canvas operates on a three-week release cycle through which features are added or updated. Courseware Support posts highlights from Canvas’s production release notes, a link to these notes, and other relevant content to the Canvas at Penn blog a few days before the production release, which usually occurs on Saturdays. Please contact Courseware Support at if you have any questions about an upcoming production release.

6/4/16 Production Release Highlights:

  • Admin Roles and Course Quizzes: Users with an admin role are able to take a quiz if they are enrolled in a course as a student. However, if an admin is not enrolled in a course as a student, the admin can only preview the quiz.
  • Recent Feedback Display Extension: The “Recent Feedback” section shows recent feedback for assignments updated in the last four weeks instead of two weeks.
  • Move Icon Replacement in Files: The “Files” toolbar includes an updated “Move” icon. Functionality has not been affected.
  • Sidebar Button Consolidation in People: The “People”-page sidebar buttons have been consolidated into a drop-down menu at the top of the page. Depending on user role, button options may include View User Groups, View Prior Enrollments, Student Interactions Report, and View Registered Services.
  • Syllabus Page Updates: When instructors view the Syllabus page, the Edit button has been moved out of the sidebar, which matches the placement and behavior in other Canvas pages. The “Syllabus” list also includes icons to differentiate assignments from events. No functionality has been affected.
  • Percentage Grades and Decimal Rounding: Percentage-type grades in the Gradebook and SpeedGrader always round to two decimals.
  • Assignment Details Rounding: The “Assignment Details” average score rounds to two decimal places.

For a complete production release update, please see:

Canvas Production Release Notes: June 4, 2016

2016-06-04 New Feature Screencast from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

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