Closing the Toolbox: Course Analytics

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New Analytics is a useful tool in Canvas that allows instructors to gauge how their students are learning and interacting with activities within their Canvas sites.

Enabling New Analytics

New Analytics can be accessed from Course Navigation [1]. By default, this link is hidden in Course Navigation in each course and must be enabled.

To enable New Analytics, open Course Settings and view the Navigation tab. Move the New Analytics link to the enabled section and save the page.

You can also access New Analytics from the New Analytics button in the Course Home Page [2].

Usage Cases

Use New Analytics to:

Open Canvas for Penn Learners

New Analytics is also available for courses hosted in Open Canvas for Penn Learners.

For more information on New Analytics, and Analytics in Canvas please visit the following resources:

For more information on how to access New Analytics for your course, please contact your Local Support Provider or email

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