Closing The Toolbox: Course Outcomes and Learning Mastery Gradebook

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Outcomes in Canvas enables the instructor to track students’ progress as measured by pedagogical goals or desired outcomes set according to the Course Objectives.

Instructors can use Outcomes to:

  • Align Quizzes and Assignments to different kinds of mastery
  • Assess student progress through calculation methods
  • Track student progress on a learning outcome or overall in the Learning Mastery Gradebook

Grading student work automatically collects and compiles data on student progress for the Outcomes.

Setting Up Outcomes

Image of outcomes from Canvas, with instructions on how to set up for the course.

When users create an outcome, users can set one of four calculation methods used for student mastery: Decaying Average, n Number of Times, Most Recent Score, and Highest Score. Calculation methods are used in conjunction within the Learning Mastery Gradebook.

Calculation methods can be set when creating custom course outcomes.

For more information on Outcomes, and the calculation levels, please see this article from the Canvas Community Instructor Guide.

Learning Mastery Gradebook

After setting up your Outcomes for the course, instructors and TAs can view the Learning Mastery Gradebook. This shows an overall view of how many students are exceeding, or meeting your Outcome expectations.

For more information on the Learning Mastery Gradebook, please view this article from the Canvas Community Instructor Guide.

In order to enable the Learning Mastery Gradebook, please contact

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