Canvas toolbox: Practical Panopto

Desktop computer with a toolbox icon on the computer's screen.

Panopto is a video creation and storage platform that integrates into Canvas. Working along with Zoom, Panopto allows for instructors to store videos for a longer period of time after being erased from the Zoom Cloud. In the course navigation, it appears as ‘Class Recordings’ in Penn Canvas.

Panopto can be used for automatic classroom recording (On-Campus), creating “screencast” videos using your own computer, uploading other videos, and student projects.

For help with automatic classroom recording on campus, please contact their local classroom support provider.

Using Panopto in Canvas is easy, but the process will be different depending on how you want to use your materials over time. For instructions on how to enable Panopto in a course, please refer to Add Zoom and Panopto to a Course.

The below links will provide detailed information for setting up, accessing, and organizing video content at your school:

Open Canvas For Penn Learners

Panopto is available for all Open Canvas for Penn Learners courses. If you’d like it enabled in your course, please email to request the addition.

Please note, the Open Canvas Panopto account is separate  from the Penn Canvas Panopto account. Therefore, if you’d like to re-use recordings, you’ll need to re-upload them into the Open Canvas Panopto account.

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