Unlocking the Toolbox: Course Request Form

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Before editing and customizing your Canvas site, it has to be requested via the Course Request Form (CRF). Think of the CRF as the ‘key’ to the Canvas Toolbox: without the key, you cannot access your site, or the tools that improve the Canvas user experience.

If your course falls under: Annenberg, Arts & Sciences, Biomedical Graduate Studies, Dental, Design, Engineering, Nursing, Social Policy & Practice, and School of Veterinary Medicine this article is for you!

Courses taught through Graduate School of Education (GSE), Penn Law, Perelman School of Medicine, and Wharton cannot be requested through the CRF. If your course falls into one of these groups, please visit/contact the appropriate address below:

Graduate School of Education (GSE): GSE Site Request Form
Law: itshelp@law.upenn.edu
Wharton: Wharton Site Request Info
Perelman School of Medicine: canvasmd@pennmedicine.upenn.edu

Courses must be requested in order to be created. The CRF can be accessed via the website: courserequest.library.upenn.edu twenty-four hours a day, 365 days per year. Review, approval, and processing of these requests only occurs Monday-Friday from 7AM-5PM EST.

After routing to courserequest.library.upenn.edu, and typing in your Penn credentials, your homepage will display sites you have requested, in addition to existing course sites. Courses assigned to you for the upcoming semester will be listed in the ‘Courses’ section of the homepage:

Click “Request,” then, the Quick Request box will pop up:

You can copy content from an existing site, or click “Custom Request.” Any course you were previously the primary the Instructor for, will appear in the drop-down menu.

If you have multiple sections you would like to include in one site, please click “Custom Request.”

In the Custom Request Form, there are more options available to customize your site:

  • Change Course Title: to change what is pulled from SRS automatically.
  • Copy Course Content: copy content from your previous courses.
  • Multi-Section Course Sites: this function allows you to combine multiple sections into one main site. This function should be used to request recitation sites in addition to lecture sites.
  • Enable Course Reserves: allows instructors to request course materials for students to access to via Canvas.
  • Add TAs, Instructors, Librarians, and Instructional Designers: add additional staff to the site using their PennKeys.
  • Additional Comments: use for topics not covered in the form.

After clicking “Submit Request,” the Courseware Team will carefully review and process each individual request. Once approved and processed, your Canvas site will appear on your Dashboard.

For a deeper dive into the CRF please view this documentation: Requesting Your Canvas Site.

If you are a Local Support Provider, staff member, or TA, please view this documentation: Requesting a Canvas Site for an Instructor on Their Behalf .

Last Updated: 26 Jan 2022

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