Canvas Toolbox Coming Soon!

Desktop computer with a toolbox icon on the computer's screen.

Canvas Toolbox is a new series of blog posts on InfoCanvas that will highlight various tools that can be used in Canvas to improve students’ learning experiences. 

The tools that will be featured in this series are already built into Canvas, or they are third party tools (referred to as LTIs) that can be added to most sites.

From now until May 2022, each month will have a theme that coincides with the tools being featured. Each article will have tips and how-to’s along with benefits and unknown capabilities!

Tentatively, the current schedule is:

  • January: Unlocking the Toolbox
  • February: Interactive Tools
  • March: Video Tools
  • April: Plagiarism and Exam Tools
  • May: Analytics and Course Evaluation Tools

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Last Updated: 21 Jan 2022

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