Zoom Release Highlights: December 21, 2021

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Guest post by Mike Speechley, Information Systems & Computing.

Zoom has a number of new changes that faculty and students may be interested in using. For help using any of these features, contact your LSP or help@isc.upenn.edu.

Meeting Features

  • Presentation Slide Control: Control progression of presentation slides without needing to ask the participant sharing the presentation for the next slide. Supports presentations in Google Slides, Powerpoint, and Keynote.
  • Schedule Meetings with Focus Mode: Hosts can schedule a meeting with Focus mode to be started automatically when the meeting starts, in order to provide less distractions to all meeting participants.
  • Save Custom Gallery View Order: Meeting hosts can save the customized gallery view order for subsequent meetings. The customized gallery order is saved to each unique meeting ID, which allows the host to load the saved customized gallery order to avoid continually customizing the gallery order for each meeting.
  • Create, Remove, and Rename Breakout Rooms After Launch: Breakout rooms no longer need to be closed in order to rename or add/remove additional rooms. These actions can be performed while breakout rooms are currently open and in use. If this is enabled, all participants will need to join with version 5.9.0 or higher.
  • Optional Reclaim Host when Rejoining: When the original host of a meeting rejoins, they are now given the option to reclaim host controls or remain as a participant or co-host, in order to not disrupt the current host.

For a complete production release update, please see:

Zoom Release Notes: December 20, 2021

Last Updated: 28 Mar 2022

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