Zoom Meeting Settings to Enhance Accessibility, Security, and Privacy

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Zoom offers optional settings to increase the accessibility, security, and privacy of live meetings and recordings. Take a closer look at some of Zoom’s helpful feature options and meeting settings:

1. Use Automatic Transcription for More Accessible Meetings. The PennZoom service provides the ability to automatically transcribe the audio of meetings and webinars in real-time. Once enabled by the meeting host, participants can turn on subtitles, view the transcript, and/or save a copy of the transcript. Automatic transcription can increase the accessibility of meetings for people who:

  • are in loud or public environments
  • do not have access to headphones or speakers
  • are English language learners
  • benefit from hearing and reading content simultaneously

The Live Automatic Transcription Service must be enabled by the host, and any participants can view the captioning as needed. Live transcription only supports English and it is recommended that hosts speak clearly using a microphone for best results. 

See Zoom: Live Automatic Transcription Service for more information about using the service as a meeting host and/or participant. 

2. Record & Share Meetings Securely. When hosting a meeting that is being recorded, it is especially important to protect the privacy of meeting participants. Consider the following options when recording and sharing meetings:

See Zoom: Recording & Sharing a Meeting Securely for additional security and privacy recommendations for recorded meetings.

3. Schedule & Host Secure Live Meetings. The Canvas integration makes it easy to schedule class sessions, invite students, and securely share recordings. Add an extra layer of security by enabling the following settings when scheduling and managing meetings in Zoom:

  • Restrict meeting entry: Students cannot join class before the instructor joins and will see a message indicating the host/moderator has not yet started the meeting. 
  • Add a waiting room: The Waiting Room feature allows the host to control when a participant joins the meeting.
  • Manage disruptive participants: Turn off an individual student’s video/audio or mute everyone at once. The Mute Upon Entry feature can help keep disruptions to a minimum at the start of a meeting.

See Zoom: Security and Privacy Settings for Meetings for more details about scheduling and managing secure meetings.

Last Updated: 20 Oct 2021

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