Time Saving Tips for Using Canvas’s Grading Features + Upcoming Workshops

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  1. Set Up Assignment Groups (If Applicable)

If you use weighted grading for your course, add Assignment Groups to the Assignments Index Page and assign weights to each Group.

Did you know that you can create assignment rules, such as dropping the lowest score in an assignment group?

2. Set Up Grade Posting Policy

You can decide how and when to release grades and feedback to students by setting a Manual Grade Posting Policy. You can set a Manual Grade Posting Policy on a course-wide or assignment-specific basis.

3. Arrange the Gradebook

You can arrange the gradebook according to your preference; you can use a preset arrangement according to assignment name, due date, points, or module, or you can manually arrange columns.

Did you know that you can move the total column to the front of the gradebook?

4. Hide Grade Distribution Graphs

One lesser-known Canvas feature is the grade distribution whisker plot that is visible to both instructors and students by default. When enabled (default), the graph allows course participants to view grade distributions including the high, low, and mean scores for the entire class and at the assignment level. In order to hide the graph from students, select “Hide grade distribution graphs from students” within Canvas site settings.

5. Message Students from the Gradebook

You can use the Message Students Who option to contact students. Message subjects are filtered based on specific assignment categories:

  • Haven’t submitted yet—students who haven’t submitted the assignment, even if they have been manually awarded a grade.
  • Haven’t been graded—students whose assignments have not yet been graded (submitted or unsubmitted).
  • Scored less than [point value]—students who earned a grade on their assignment less than X number of points.
  • Scored more than [point value]—students who earned a grade on their assignment more than X number of points.  

To learn more about Canvas Gradebook and SpeedGrader features sign up for the following workshops:

Using Canvas Gradebook More Effectively (Faculty and Staff) 

September 17th 1pm -2pm 

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SpeedGrader Workshop (Faculty and Staff)

October 1st 11am- 12pm 

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Last Updated: 20 Oct 2021

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