Beginning of the Semester Checklist

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  1. 1. Create a Course Site

Email or use the following instructions to request your Canvas site.

If you don’t see a course you are teaching in Canvas when you log into the Course Request form, please use the information below to request your site(s):

2. Verify Course Participants Using the People Link

Select People to verify your Canvas roster (teacher, student, TA, etc.) for accuracy.

3. Add Content and Organize your Course

4. Set Up Course Communication & Content Sharing Tools

5. Publish Course Content & Review Using Student View

Check the visibility of all course items. Make sure that all content including: modules, pages, and quizzes are published. Students can’t access Canvas sites until they are published, so don’t forget to publish your course!

Review your course content in Student View to experience your site from a student’s perspective. Note that some third-party tools may not have student view functionality.

Questions? Email us at, or contact your local support provider.

Last Updated: 20 Oct 2021

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