End of Term Grading with Canvas New Gradebook

  1. Download and save the current version of the Canvas Gradebook

It is suggested that you download and save your course’s Canvas gradebook before entering final grades. Here are instructions for how to download the Canvas gradebook:

How do I export grades from the Gradebook?

2. Making sense of any discrepancies between read-only columns in your Gradebook Spreadsheet

The CSV download includes read-only columns displaying current and final scores. These columns display for each assignment group in a course and final grades. As is outlined below, the total can vary from column to column depending on whether or not an assignments have been submitted, whether they have been graded, and whether graded assignments and feedback have been released (posted) to students.

3. Finish Entering Grades

Different types of assignments or quizzes (including exams, tests, quizzes, and surveys) offer various options for providing student feedback. To learn more about these options, please see the Grades and SpeedGrader sections of the Canvas Instructor Guide.

4. Post all Assignments and Quizzes

If you used a Manual Grade Posting Policy in your class, either at the course or at the assignment level, you will need to post grades to release student grades and feedback (see: How do I release grades to students?).

It is important to post grades not only so that students can see their scores and feedback but also so that the total grade that the students see in their Canvas grade summaries matches the course grade you enter in Courses InTouch. If you don’t post all assignments and quizzes, your students will not see their accurate total course grade in Canvas.

For instructions on how to hide and unhide the students’ total course grades from their course summaries, please see:

How do I hide totals in my students’ grade summaries?

5. Download and Save Final Version of the Gradebook

See the instructions from step one. It is recommended that you keep both versions of the gradebook, pre-final grading and post-final grading, for your records.

6. Upload the Gradebook to Courses InTouch (CIT)

Follow the CIT User Guide Instructions to upload your grades to Courses inTouch (see section 13.4 “Uploading a Grade Roster”).

Although these instructions make reference to Blackboard, the spreadsheet formatting requirements still apply to the downloaded version of the Canvas gradebook that you will upload to CIT.

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Last Updated: 20 Oct 2021

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