Canvas Grade Display Features: Hiding Grade Distribution Graphs and Totals in Students’ Grade Summaries

One lesser known Canvas feature is the grade distribution whisker plot which is visible to both instructors and students by default. Since the feature is not visible in “Student View” for Test Student many instructors may not even be aware of it. When enabled, the graph allows course participants to view grade distributions including the high, low, and mean scores for the entire class and at the assignment level.

Grade distribution details for an assignment

While this feature may be useful for instructors and students in larger classes to easily view grade course distributions, the same feature may prove problematic in smaller courses. In order to hide the graph from students, select “Hide grade distribution graphs from students” within Canvas site settings.

For more information and detailed instructions see: “How do I hide grade distribution scoring details from students?”

There may be times throughout the semester when instructors choose not to reveal students’ total grades, for example, when the grade in the total column is not an accurate reflection of their actual final grade. Although total grades are visible by default in Canvas Gradebook, instructors may choose to hide totals in students’ grade summaries as well as assignment group totals.

For more information and detailed instructions see: “How do I hide totals in my students’ grade summaries?”

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Last Updated: 20 Oct 2021

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