New Gradebook: How and When to Release Students’ Grades and Feedback

As mid-semester assignments and exams are approaching, you might be wondering how and when to make grades and feedback visible to students. There are several ways to control the release of students’ grades and feedback:

  • Instead of the Automatic Grade Posting Policy (the default), verify that you are using the Manual Grade Posting Policy which hides grades and feedback until the instructor releases them. You can adopt this policy on a course-wide or assignment-specific basis.
  • If you have already started grading without selecting a Grading Policy, you may want to “Hide Grades” for any previous entered grades and verify that you are using the Manual Grading Policy.
  • “Hide Grades” is not the same as the legacy mute function. If you select “Hide Grades” and then continue to enter grades while using an Automatic Grade Posting Policy all of the grades entered after clicking “Hide Grades” will be immediately visible to students.
  • When you are ready, release grades to students by selecting Post Grades from the Assignment Options Menu.

New Gradebook FAQ:

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Last Updated: 20 Oct 2021

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