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Librarians at the University of Pennsylvania can leverage Canvas for course support. The following information explains how.

Access to Canvas Sites

Requesting Access

Has an instructor asked you to share resources, provide research assistance, or interact with students on Canvas? If so, you will need to be added to the instructor’s Canvas site as a librarian. An instructor or a TA in the site can add you as a librarian, or you can email to request that Courseware Support add you. Please include the following in your Courseware Support email:

  • the course’s name and ID number (e.g., Introduction to History, HIST 101-001 2018C)
  • the instructor’s full name
  • confirmation from the instructor that you have been granted access to the Canvas site
  • Your PennKey username (NOT YOUR PASSWORD)


Are you a librarian who needs access to all Canvas sites for a department? If so, please email with the following information:

  • the name of each department you support (e.g., philosophy)
  • confirmation from the department (ex: department chair or coordinator) that you have been granted access to all of its Canvas sites
  • Your PennKey username (NOT YOUR PASSWORD)

Please note: The auto-add option only applies to Canvas sites that will be created in the future. If you need access to existing Canvas sites, please follow the procedure under “Requesting Access.”


LibGuides integrates with Canvas, so if you have created a course LibGuide, you can add it to the course’s Canvas site if you have access. A Teacher or TA in the Canvas site can also add the LibGuide, and you do not need to be added to the Canvas site for them to do this.

Course Reserves

Instructors can place reserve requests through Canvas. An instructor or TA will need to add the Course Materials @ Penn Libraries button to the site’s navigation menu and then follow the procedure for requesting reserve items through Canvas. Instructors should contact their Course Reserves department if they need help with reserve requests.

Courseware Support

Please direct users to Courseware Support if they need help with Canvas or other courseware (e.g., Poll Everywhere). Please consult the Guides tab on Canvas at Penn to see the technologies about which you should contact Courseware Support. The best way for users to contact Courseware Support is by emailing

Canvas at Penn—Spread the Word!

Please ask users to subscribe to Canvas at Penn for information, instructions, and updates on Canvas at the University of Pennsylvania.


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Last Updated: 3 Jan 2019

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