RESOLVED: Retroactive Fix for RCE File-Links

Our vendor has confirmed that the issue affecting file-links added to the Rich Content Editor (RCE) between October 28th and November 3rd has been completely resolved.

The RCE file-link issue had been resolved for new content as of November 3rd (for more information, please consult the November 4th Canvas at Penn post); however, this issue still affected content added while the it was active between October 28th and November 3rd (for details about this issue, please consult the October 31st Canvas at Penn post).  A retroactive fix was applied to content still displaying this issue at approximately 6:30pm EST on November 7th.

It is recommended that you perform the following actions before attempting to access any content that this issue affected:

  1. Clear your browser’s cache (instructions for PC and Mac).
  2. Close your browser.
  3. Open a new browser window, log into Canvas at with your PennKey usename and password, enter the Canvas site where this issue occurred, and re-attempt accessing the previously affected content.

By performing these steps, you will have removed from your browser any data that might have been stored during the RCE-file link issue that would give the appearance of it persisting. If the issue continues after performing these actions, please edit the content by re-adding the file link or image.

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue caused. If you have any questions, or if the issue still seems to affect you despite performing the recommended actions, please email, and we will be happy to help. Thank you.