Students Can’t See “View Feedback” in Resized Browser

Currently, Canvas hides the View Feedback link from a student’s “Submission Details” page for an assignment when a browser has been resized down to approximately half its full-screen size.

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The “View Feedback” link on a student’s “Submission Details” page doesn’t appear when a browser has been resized to be less than half the full-screen size.

This issue will be fixed in the November 18th Canvas Release. Until this issue is fixed, students who encounter it can apply either of these solutions to resolve it:

  • Check to see if the browser is displaying in full-screen. If it is not, please make the browser full-screen to see if the View Feedback link appears.
  • If you need to keep your browser resized to less than half the full-screen size, please scroll to the bottom of the page and look for a horizontal scroll-bar near the bottom the page. If you see one, please scroll to the right of the page and then check to see if the View Feedback link appears in the upper-right corner of the page (you may have to use the vertical scroll-bar on the page to see the the upper-right corner).
    • Chrome & Firefox Users: Please note that these browsers sometimes hide the horizontal scroll-bar. If you do not see the horizontal scroll-bar, you can make it visible by placing your cursor over the lower horizontal border of the “Submission Details” page, pressing the Shift key, and then using the scroll-wheel on your mouse to move the horizontal scroll-bar.


An example of how to use the horizontal scroll-bar to make the

If the issue is not resolved after performing these actions, please email for further assistance.