What’s New in Canvas for Spring 2017?

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Welcome back!

The following information will introduce you to what’s new in Canvas for Spring 2017.

Third-Party Tools

Using OneClass Chrome Extension? Remove It and Change Your PennKey Password

The OneClass extension for Google Chrome is malware which can capture your PennKey username and password. If you use this extension, please uninstall it and then change your PennKey password.

Piazza Careers

Piazza has a new opt-in feature called Piazza Careers. When students create Piazza accounts for their courses, they will see a prompt to join Piazza Careers.

It is recommended that students who do not want to share their personal information select the option labelled “I don’t need any help . . .” and then click on the “Continue” button.

Red rectagle surrounding the second-option in the Piazza Careers sign-up form.
Select “I don’t need any help . . .” if you don’t want to share your personal information through Piazza Careers.

If you decide to join Piazza Careers, you can click on the Control what information is shared link below the second option to apply advanced settings to information-sharing in Piazza Careers.


When you click on Control what information is shared, this pop-up will appear:

Make sure you have only selected options for those entities with whom you wish to share personal information!


Comprehensive documentation for Turnitin is now available on Canvas at Penn: Turnitin Instructions: Instructors & Students

Cengage Mindlinks/Aplia LTI

Instructors using Cengage Mindlinks (a.k.a Aplia) can add this tool Canvas Sites via the “Navigation” tab under a site’s Settings (displays as “Cengage”) and Modules (displays as “Cengage Learning Mindlinks”): Instructor Guide for Aplia Integration in Canvas.

Canvas Features

No More Scheduler: Create Appointment Groups in the Calendar

As of Spring 2017, Canvas has replaced the Scheduler feature with the ability to create Appointment Groups via the Calendar. This change has been made to provide a better user experience–both for those creating Appointment Groups, as well as for those signing up for them: Canvas Appointment Instructions.

System-wide Announcements

Please note that you can remove system-wide announcements from your Canvas User Dashboard.

Stay Informed!

Want to be notified whenever changes are coming to Canvas? Follow Canvas at Penn! Canvas operates on a three-week release cycle, and all upcoming release information is  posted to Canvas at Penn several days before these changes will take place.

If you ever have any questions about what’s new in Canvas, please email canvas@pobox.upenn.edu.

Last Updated: 11 Jan 2017