Crocodoc & Box Outages (SpeedGrader & Document-Viewer Affected)

Today’s DDoS attacks on key providers of core internet services have lead to performance issues with Crocodoc and the Box document-viewer in Canvas. Canvas itself was not affected, but Crocodoc and the Box document-viewer have been reported as being both currently unavailable due to the attack; this will be presented as the Unicycling Panda load screen with no document loading. As soon as Crocodoc and Box have a chance to recover, these documents should render and be viewable within Canvas once again.

If you encounter an issue with Crocodoc or the Box document-viewer, please use the following workarounds until the issue has been resolved:

  • Box-document viewer: download the document file by following these instructions–

We apologize for any inconvenience these issues may cause. Please check the Canvas at Penn website for updates on these issue, and please contact if you need assistance.

Last Updated: 21 Oct 2016